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Window Repair

Maintaining & Caring For Your Windows

Window Repair

We provide window repair services on the specified types such as, Single & Jalousies, and Horizontal (Gliding) Sliding windows. We’re Phil Nix Window & Screen Co. and we repair old windows. 


Jalousies are constructed of glass slats placed in metal film slots with clips which can be all opened together and closed together or depending on the design you may have the type that allows for the bottom or top half to open while the other part stays closed. This kind of screen requires physical rotation to help open the glass wide enough for air and light to pass through or just enough to keep it in close proximity to regulate airflow and light.  Jalousie windows are generally perfect regarding regions having year-round cozy climates. They are great for mountain side/top homes when it comes to cooling, but are generally impossible when it come to a tight seal, making it challenging to hold any kind of warmth inside your home.

Awning Windows

The awning window is actually hinged at the top and opens outward. The glass covers the opening of the window space similar to awnings over doors and windows, because of this feature it allows for maximum ventilation even during damp conditions. Awning windows are usually best as accents to the larger pane windows above, as well as below the large pane. 

Single Hung Windows

Double-hung windows refers to windows where both sashes in the frame are operable (capable of moving up and down). In the case of single-hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place and does not move, but the bottom sash is operable. Selecting the windows that are right for you is a matter of preference. Some questions that might factor into your decision-making include: which open and close easiest? Which are the easiest to clean and maintain? Which are the most energy-efficient? 

Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

Do you have a problem with your sliding glass door? No matter how many times you put it back on track, it takes you and a small army to get that door shut? We can help, Phil Nix has the ability to install new wheels on your sliding glass door, replace locks, and repair track. Find out how much it costs with a free estimate.

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